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How to Present Ideas in an Article

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Presenting ideas in an article can be tricky. Readers tend to click away when the ideas presented in an article are hard to understand or just plain disorganized. As much as possible, the writer must introduce ideas in a way that will be easily understood by the readers.

Writers have many styles in presenting the content in their article. No matter what the style is, the important thing is that the reader can fully comprehend what the article is all about. Here are some tips on how to present ideas when writing an article.

Introduce it chronologically.
When ideas are presented chronologically, it basically means that the each point is discussed in an order. This applies best when the idea presented is more like a series of events that started with one thing and as a consequence thereof, led to another event. For example, the writer can begin from the first day of an event. He can continue elaborating on the events that transpired right after that first day.

Use main advantages or disadvantages
The writer can also condense three main reasons of why the subject is advantageous or disadvantageous. This line of presentation of ideas can persuade the readers in listening to the author because the product is beneficial for their use. It can also convince them not to try the product for being inconvenient.

Do the do’s and don’ts
Another way to present ideas is by doing a do’s and don’ts method. This means that the writer recommends the ideal and proper way of performing something by identifying it as a “do”. On the other hand, the writer can also suggest what the things that are the opposite of do.

Go from general to specific
There is also another way of presenting ideas that come from a general topic. A general topic can be easier to understand when introduced first before going to the specific ones. This is most ideal in technical subjects as the gradual introduction of details will make the entire article more comprehensive.

Compare and contrast
Doing compare and contrast is also a way of making an easy-to-understand article. This is because the readers can get a fair idea of what the subject is all about. It can also make the readers differentiate two subjects.

There are many ways on how to present ideas an article. Just remember that the main objective is presenting the ideas is to make the readers understand the message. Clarity and coherence must also be kept in mind.

To your success as an article writer!

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The Present of Presence

Jun 13 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Are you a professional waiter? I don’t mean the kind that works at a restaurant getting food for people. I mean the type of person who waits for something better to happen before they can be truly happy. Do you like the way you look now or do you believe you’ll look better when you fit into your pre-baby jeans again? Does your career fulfill you now or are you working a job just to get a paycheck? Have you recently taken any exciting vacations or are you waiting until your last child goes off to university?

Most moms don’t live in the moment because they’re so busy multitasking and rushing to fit it all in that there’s too much guilt if they neglect all the other things they have to do. As a result, the great moments that are right in front of them are often missed. Half the time, moms don’t even realize they’re moving so quickly through the day because they’re on autopilot and it just becomes part of their daily routine. It’s also difficult for some moms to live in the moment when they don’t exactly enjoy the moment they are in. It’s hard to endlessly entertain a toddler with the attention span of a gnat!

Focusing on the future and all the things that have to get done only causes stress, anxiety and useless worry. So how can you stop to smell the roses when you don’t have a second to breathe?

1. Call off the search party. Stop looking for happiness and realize it’s already here. Look around you. Are you and your family healthy? Do you have the necessities of life? It’s not about how much you have but the quality of what you have. It’s OK to dream and work towards your goals as long as you don’t get too caught up in the results.

2. Whistle while you work. Try to make all the things you have to do more enjoyable. Do you dread doing housework? Kick it up a notch and listen to your favourite music while doing your chores. If you add dancing to the mix, it’ll save you from having to go to the gym. Now that’s efficient!

3. Use your time wisely. When doing everyday duties like driving your kids to school, bath time or preparing dinner, take those moments to connect with your child/ren. Ask them about their day and get them to help you out. Not only will it get the job done faster, but it’s a great way to bond and build their self-esteem.

4. Just be. It’s more important to be present with your kids even if it’s just for an hour a day than to be physically with them for 8 hours while you’re engaged in other things. The next time you’re “playing” with your kids, put down the phone and get down on the floor with them. Kids just want you and your attention. So stop, look and listen to them.

5. Look at life through their eyes. Kids have an incredible ability to be amazed at the simplest things. A rock, a flower, how spaghetti feels in their hands. Follow their lead and find that sense of wonder again. Stop taking things for granted and learn to appreciate the small miracles that surround you everyday.

6. Start a new tradition or ritual. Find special ways to create memories your kids will never forget. Maybe it’s giving butterfly kisses before bed or making up a secret handshake that’s just between the two of you. These are the memorable moments that money can’t buy.

7. Remember, this too shall pass. Even though it may feel like you’ll never sleep again, or you’re destined to a life of changing dirty diapers, this stage won’t last forever. You may be thinking “Hallelujah” now, but when your child goes to school for the first time, the tears you shed won’t necessarily be of joy. Make the most of each stage when you’re in it so you don’t regret missing it when it’s gone. And if you truly can’t wait until the day when Elmo is no longer considered G-d, count your blessings, his days are numbered!

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Grab Your Educational Objectives Through A4 Custom, Document and Presentation Folders

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Education is such a crucial part of society without which execution of a literate society is just incomplete at all. That is why education is the most mandatory segment of any society which lends a hand to shape the individuals in a sheer piece of practical manner. In order to organize your educational documents and letters, you will often need to have a4 document folder so as to get your job done perfectly. They are such unique cases that can surely help you to organize your research letters, business, evaluation, and progress monthly reports for long time.

Basically document holders are designed by means of professional graphic design tools while they are printed via full color printing process. One of the most startling influences of using file tab cases is that they would help you to grab your educational goals and objectives successfully. For example one of the most lasting impacts of using printed cases is to secure your noteworthy credentials and letters for long time. At the same time, a4 presentation folder can be used for presentational purpose successfully. Third most lasting impact of using printed files is to enhance your business efficiency, sales, and returns lastingly.

Then if you want to collect funds and charity for needy children and promote education among them, then you can surely put into action such types of products so as to accomplish your targets successfully. Last but not the least, they are quite substantial products in a way to trim down your mental stress about your documents safety on the dot. In addition, you can make use of brochures, print stickers, flyers, paper cd sleeves, business cards, a4 document folder, envelopes and labels if you want to increase your business identity.

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Art As 60th Birthday Presents

Jun 11 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

For truly original 60th birthday presents, a unique gift you may consider buying is art of lasting beauty and wonder. From the beginning of humankind, mankind has sought to make sense of his world, first through bold expression in cave art that portrayed his physical and spiritual landscape. Later, as Egypt rose in power, he speculated on life after death by leaving vividly decorated tombs. In Greece and Rome, gods and goddesses were sculpted from stone. As Christianity took center stage, great artists labored for years to provide illustrated versions of various Biblical tales.

Pioneers to unknown regions used their skills with watercolor and brush to chronicle what they experienced. Official portrait artists recorded history by showing royalty in all their finery. A few artists excelled at showing everyday life, as they witnessed it all around them. And then there were the troubled souls like Vincent Van Gogh who vainly sought meaning. Monet experimented with illumination. Picasso boldly deconstructed the natural form of objects, while Dali perverted them to create disturbing vistas. Art evokes so many different reactions in those who view it. It seeks the true living spirit of mankind.

There are different art options available. If you have decided upon a work of art as a birthday gift an original painting can make a rare and special gift. If the artist is still approaching the pinnacle of his or her career, there is some investment probability, but the most important consideration should be the quality of the brushwork.

If you do not quite have the budget for anything original, then investigate the possibility of opting for a print instead. Many old masterpieces are now available in this format. Or you could initiate a trip down memory lane and buy a reprint of an early black and white photograph. Try choosing something that evokes special feelings with the recipient. Always bear in mind who you are buying the piece for. Will they be able to display something big or would a smaller piece fit their lifestyle better? How will it suit their interior? What sort of subjects do they like such as landscape art or a still life piece?

If the person is not that astute to art trends, but might appreciate an uplifting picture, why not commission something individual from a painter. A family portrait or one of the wedding photographs, lovingly rendered in oils might fill the recipient with a pleasant glow of love and nostalgia for times gone by, and real gratitude towards you, the giver. Beautiful objects of art, be it paintings, sketches or sculptures can be deeply appreciated as 60th birthday presents.

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Five Ways On How To Give Your Business Presentation In 30 Seconds Or Less

Jun 10 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

How many times on a daily basis are you asked to tell someone about your business? Have you ever stammered, scrambling for the right words to describe what you and your company are about? Do you feel that your business is so complex that you ramble on and on forever?

Preparing carefully ahead of time for such situations can be one of the most important things that you do. It is called your 30 second commercial or elevator presentation. It is basically just that. In 30 seconds you should be able to tell precisely the most important details about your company.

If you advertise, you already understand the need to shorten information into bullet points. The same concept applies here.

For those of you who attend weekly social networking luncheons, here are some creative things that you can do to keep interest. This is the most advantageous time to practice your point power presentation.

1. Have a different theme for each month. Each week can be a variation of your
monthly theme. If your company offers different products, highlight a different one each week.

2. Be creative. Some people use exactly the same 30 second commercial over and over
again. Even though their presentation may be excellent, people tire of them.

3. Take advantage of holiday’s. Most business’s can be fit into gift giving holidays.
Jewelry for example can be easily promoted at Christmas and Mother’s Day.

4. Play a question/answer game. You can ask people questions about your company and then when they get the answer correct, throw them a candy bar. This is a lot of fun and leaves a memorable impression!

5. Sing a few seconds of a song. If you have a good voice, Christmas is a perfect month to sing part of your 30 seconds. Close with a few seconds of your name and company. This was done at a luncheon with great results.

Almost every company has multi-faceted, detailed and complex information. By bullet pointing key information, you can create interest in your business. Later a more in depth presentation can be given. Before and after the luncheon is when true networking is done. Business transactions are commonly closed after the luncheon or appointments are made for later discussion.

When you are giving your 30 second commercial, be relaxed! Do not try to put 2 minutes worth of information into 30 seconds. Speak slowly and comfortably. Some people try to put two or three business presentations into 30 seconds. This is a huge mistake! It takes away credibility. It also does not leave time to give any business a clear picture of the product or service. Everyone will be confused, not enticed to learn more.

If you think that your 30 second commercial is not important, let me share a true story with you. A man got into the elevator with a woman at a large entrepreneur convention. The woman asked what he did. By the time they reached their floor, the woman handed her business card to him and said, “I came to look for a company to invest in. Call me, I have just found it.”

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How to Record Presentations in Ubuntu

Jun 08 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

If you previously worked with Microsoft Office or some of the OSX products, then you might be used to recording your presentations with those tools. If you are planning on moving to Ubuntu or already have, you need some other software to do recordings of your screen and presentations.

Ubuntu by default comes with Open Office. If you are using a version of Linux that does not come with this, you can still download it off the Internet for free. You need to use the Presentation tool which basically works like Powerpoint does with Office. Put your slides together so that you can have that part of your presentation done.

The second tool that you need is called “recordmydesktop”. Search for that in the repositories and be sure to get the GTK version of it as well. Once installed it will be under the Sound and Video folder. This is a free program, so you will not have to pay for it at all. It is full of many useful features as well which is a nice bonus.

This program will let you record your whole screen or just a part of the screen. If you do not select a recording area, it will just record your entire desktop in full screen mode by default. Take your slide show and record it as is or in full screen mode with this tool. You can also use a microphone with it. You can do an entire presentation with audio and video from this program. You do not have to use slides but can technically record anything that you see on your screen.

The format it saves in will be an open format and not your normal Windows or Mac formats. This format can be put into popular video sites like YouTube to make it very easy to upload and share your work with other people.

While these two tools are not integrated with each other, they do work well together for presentations.

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PRESENTATIONS IRL: How to Get Your Communication Mojo Back

Jun 06 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Speaking with confidence wasn’t top of mind this past year when we weren’t communicating to each other in person. Now that the masks are coming off and the distancing is lessening, some professionals are struggling with building back their confidence in presenting, briefing, and speaking in public to others. There’s no need to worry that you can’t get your “communications mojo” back. Here are some simple tips to keep in mind to help restore and strengthen your confidence in oral communications:

1. Concentrate on Content: Focus on what you have to communicate. Give yourself a break from worry about others’ judgement. Concentrating on getting the content right will naturally help your performance. This isn’t acting; you have to get behind what you’re saying.

2. Have clear, high level messages: Don’t make your audience work to figure out why they should be listening to you. Make sure you have clear, succinct messages that you have confidence in. If that means there’s only one or two high level messages, that’ll be enough as the basis of your talk.

3. Stay in the moment: Don’t worry about filling out someone else’s time frame or meeting someone else’s performance expectations. Don’t try to make a 15-minute briefing last for a half hour. Build in flexibility (such as leaving more time for q and a) and err on the side of brevity rather than trying to fill space.

4. Play to your strengths: If you’re a good story-teller, practice finding a good (brief) one to work into your briefing or presentation. If you’re someone who sticks to a script, pare your material down until you can deliver a shortened, high-level version of it. If you like using materials, try making them as visual and simple as possible. Better to have your audience engaged throughout than wonder why you are repeating yourself.

5. Be realistic: Give yourself some time to rebuild the confidence you had or discover new confidence. That comes from your connection to what you’re saying and your knowledge about why your audience needs to hear it. It doesn’t come from memorization or being afraid you won’t be perfect.

Be kind to yourself as you “take the public stage” once again, strengthening that “performance” muscle you might not have been exercising this past year. Your performance and your confidence will increase with practice. In the meantime, remember the words of Franklin D. Roosevelt: “Be sincere, be brief, be seated.”

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Using Humor Images And Cartoons In Presentations

Jun 06 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Have you talked in front of many people? Have you wondered what to do in
order to get your ideas across?

Any public speaker who has faced a crowd of listeners knows that humor has a
great effect and brings out a point like nothing else. I have talked to many presenters and all of them say they have a number of jokes up their sleeve, as well as visual gags — CARTOONS.

Cartoons can be of great help in the communication with the audience — once a
little humor is injected, the point is easier to make and the message is better understood, and the audience will pay closer attention to details or points you want to get across. Cartoons, as all visuals (illustrations or pictures), make a long lasting impression in a person’s mind and can, without doubt, help them understand the material.

There is a lot in making a successful public speech. Some people are born
orators, while the rest of us have to struggle with our own fears and the listeners’ indifference. Timing is very important key to any speech, talk, presentation etc. That’s why it is wise to use some outside help like inserting a cartoon at the right place — that way you will liven the monotonous text and have more control over your presentation. The cartoon will additionally give you some extra time to gather
your thoughts and go on with the speech, while the audience is having a laugh or two. BTW, it is a scientific fact that laughter releases endorphins that make people feel relaxed and overall happy. That way cartoons in your presentation will make for a more receptive audience.
People will remember you and will contact you again for


As you see, cartoons are a great ice-breaker. But the way you will use them is
also of the essence. Will you use a black and white cartoon, or
a color cartoon? Just one cartoon, or a series of cartoons? Captionless
cartoons, or cartoons with text? All these elements will
have a different impact on your audience. For example, if you use some black and
white cartoons followed by a full color cartoon, that will
liven up, and even speed up the presentation. Or you may use a single cartoon as
a way to refer to the printed manuals you might have
supplied prior to the start of your presentation.

But where can you find a suitable cartoon for your presentation or speech?
Thankfully, with the Internet, finding and licensing a cartoon
is easier than ever! There are web sites that will provide you with a great
selection of cartoons on different themes. You may try web site like:

presentation cartoons from or
business cartoons from

If you have a little more money to spend and want to stand out of the crowd, you
may consider hiring a cartoonist like Vlad Kolarov to create a custom

or illustration just for you. Some businesses find that method extremely helpful
in communicating with clients or employees.

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Top 3 Public Speaking and Presentation Skills Tips for You to Be a Persuasive and Dynamic Speaker

Jun 05 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

Here are the top 3 presentation skills and public speaking tips that will guide you to becoming a powerful, persuasive and dynamic public speaker.

1. BE A DYNAMIC SPEAKER – well, duhhhh, right? But here’s how…
If I could offer only one piece of advice, it would be PASSION! Passion is at the heart of great public speaking and presentation skills.

Just as real estate’s first three rules are location, location, location, speaking’s first three are passion, passion, passion.

a. Pick a subject for which you have great, passionate feeling. Even if it’s accounting, identify, articulate and feel your passion for accounting and speak about it.

If you must speak about something for which you aren’t passionate, first try not to, but if you must, tell a story of passion (and humor) that is related to or associated with your subject.

b. Access the great positive meaning to you in your subject-meaning that is likely to be shared by others; not meaning that is unique to you.

c. Then don’t “talk” about your passion. Don’t describe anything. LIVE and share your passion through stories and anecdotes, actively, vividly and intensely experiencing the story in your imagination, heart, soul and body. Feel your story and it’s great meaning I your entire spiritual and physiological being. Literally. Feel it. Then express it with your entire being.

d. Facts, figures, opinion, data, narrative are most often useless. Limit them as much as possible. Use them only and briefly as supporting evidence, not as a main storyline.

The second presentation skills tip: PRESENCE!!!
Presence is as important as passion. When you are wholly present in the moment with us, with yourself, and with your passion for your message: WOW!!! We will be captivated.

a. We perfect presence through meditation. Meditate! As a practice and in mini-moments throughout the day. Constantly check in with yourself and ask yourself if you are wholly present in the moment with whatever your #1 priority is or should be in that moment.

b. Presence is the foundation of all good things in life: mental health, emotional health, spiritual health, relationships (with ourselves, others and God), Peak Performance, public speaking, etc. c. And, again, meditation is the pathway to presence.

The third most important presentation skills tip for effective presentations: STORIES!

a. Don’t “tell” stories. Actively, passionately live the story in the moment, in your imagination, then share your experience with the audience through your voice, words and, most importantly, your body (arms, hands, legs, face, etc).

b. Stories must be about meaning, purpose, with conflict and obstacles

c. You should not be the hero of your story. Play, at most, a co-staring role.

d. Live the story vividly in your imagination as you tell it. See, hear and feel that action

e. Limit or eliminate stats and numbers.

f. If you must use numbers, humanize it. For example, telling you that 50,000 people a year die from heart disease (or whatever the real number is), leaves you cold. However, sharing a story of the pain of one person or family because of heart disease can, if told well, profoundly move you.

There you have it. The top 3 of fifteen tips for powerful, persuasive and dynamic public speaking and presentation skills.

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What is it That Keeps Us From Relaxing in the Present Moment?

Jun 04 2023 Published by admin under Uncategorized

If meditation is understood as being able to keep our mind in the present moment (which is one major foundational understanding of it), then a useful question to ask ourselves each day is “What is it within my experience of the present moment right now that I am resisting entering into?” On one level it seems as if the present moment should be the simplest and most natural space to enter into, and yet we resist.

Rather than giving you the answer to this question in an abstract or philosophical manner, I’ll just outline my experience of this over the last weekend, and then offer some conclusions based around this.

Last weekend (it is now Monday) I noticed an uneasy feeling that was preventing me from feeling at comfortable with myself and with my circumstances. It seemed as if my mind was on a hair trigger, as soon as I sat down to try and relax, all sorts of reasons to feel dissatisfied or uneasy would start forming in my mind. So, recognizing that I had something of a challenge on my hands, I asked myself the question “What is it that is causing me to feel uneasy in the present moment and unable to relax?” I just sat and breathed with this question for a while, looking into my body and mind for an answer. Rationally I discovered no real reason for the unease, life is going quite well, no big crisis, nothing REALLY to feel bad about. However, when I looked in my body, on the energy level I found that there was what I would describe as a nervous “tick” in the centre of my chest. This is to say that there was a very uncomfortable energy in the centre of my chest that was creating a natural feeling of discomfort and dis-ease within my mind and body.

It seemed like it was something that I could not shift straight away, and so I made a decision “If I cannot shift this uncomfortable feeling, then I am just going to have to ‘be’ with it, and make sure that I don’t allow it to affect my thinking, feeling and behaviour in any kind of negative way”.

So, having made this decision, my main task over the next 36 or so hours that it took for this heart energy to clear was simply to “be” with this uncomfortable energy and mindfully exercise my willpower in such a way that the energy was not able to manifest in any way beyond just being an uncomfortable feeling.

The act of choosing to be with the uncomfortable feeling, and use my willpower to not allow it to cause a problem is an example of when we need to make an extra effort to be present, even if there is a certain amount of willpower and effort involved.

Key points:
• Asking yourself the question “What is it that is keeping me from entering into the present moment” is a very useful way of bringing yourself back to the present moment, even if you can feel resistance to it.
• Asking the question regularly enables you to get to know the reasons you personally avoid being in the present moment much more intimately.
• Sometimes being in the present moment means exerting your willpower and courage, and being compassionately honest with yourself.
• Learning to be aware and take care of your mind and body when they are unhappy and uncomfortable is just as important, maybe more so than being present when things are going well.

©Toby Ouvry 2010

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